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Newsight Japan offers State-of-the-art 3D display system.
Newsight Japan’s 3D display offers 3D images without any assistance of 3D glasses.
Over 120 degree viewing angle! ! Stereoscopic images can be viewed simultaneously on a wide area without glasses!

NEWSIGHT JAPAN 82 inch display
Resolution 1920x1080(Full HD)
Recommend viewing distance 7m(5~15m)
input DVI / VGA
weight 150㎏
NEWSIGHT JAPAN 56inch 4k2k panel
Resolution 3840×2160(4k2k)
Recommend viewing distance 5m(3~15m)
input DVI / VGA
weight 50㎏
NEWSIGHT JAPAN 42 inch display
Resolution 1920x1080(Full HD)
Recommended viewing distance 4.5m(3.5~10m)
input DVI / VGA
weight 36㎏
NEWSIGHT JAPAN 10.1 inch display
Resolution 1280x800(WXGA)
Recommended viewing distance 1m(0.5~1.5m)
input DVI / VGA
weight 1.5㎏
NEWSIGHT JAPAN 8.4inch display
Resolution 1024x768(XGA)
Recommended viewing distance 0.9m(0.65~1.35m)
Input DVI / VGA
Weight 0.9㎏