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How many views is Newsight Japan’s 3D display? 2-view?

Basically Newsight Japan's 3D dislay is 8-view.
However, we can customize into any view such as 2-view, 4-view and 5-view.
It is up to customers' usage and business model.

Why 8-view is necessary?

Eliminate blurring artifacts when switching of the parallax, and to realize a wide viewing angle, approximately 120 °.

Is it possible to use 3D display in portrait mode?

In case of 2-view, we can customize portrait mode 3D display without glasses.

For details, please contact us.

Is there any compatibility with other methods?

Newsight Japan also has Set Top Box(STB) which can convert 2-view into 8-view realtime.

For details, please contact us.

What kind of equipment we need to play?

In principle, we use a PC with graphic board. For specification details, please contact us.

What kind of software we need to play?

You need a New sight media player. 8-view content is necessary.

How to produce content?

In general, using 3DCG software and plug-in, our authoring software named PPTK will render content.

Can I see a normal 2D images?

Yes, you can play without problems. You can also put the background like a normal movie.

Can I convert regular video or still photo into 3D?

Yes you can. Depth information can be added created by depth map.