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Content production

There are several production method to prepare 3D content for our 3D displays.

Basic working methods

Plug-ins for 3DCG software (3d Studio Max, Maya) create 8-view content and authoring software PPTK will make files for Newsight Media Player.

Simple rotation of logo or merchandise

Based on normal background video and still images in 2D, rotate and move logo or merchandise in 3D.
This is popular way to make 3D content.

Single animation

Deformation of the object and the stereoscopic combination with more complex 3DCG animation with background.

Complex animation

3D viewing by combination of complex dynamic CG animation

Full animation

3D viewing by full CG animation, including background.

2D3D Conversion

From normal 2D image, 3D content is created by adding depth information.
Depth map is used to add 3D effects.

View conversion from 2-view to 8-view

Convert normal 3D image with 2-view into 8-view images for Newsight Japan’s 3D display.

Converting still images

JPG based still content/photo is converted into 3D image by adding depth information created through depth map. 3D still photo is effective to feel 3D images.

Pulfrich (illusion) Video

By using turntable or turning camera method will generate 3D stereo images by adding continuous parallax.