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Newsight Japan starts selling 3DVR Goggle for 2D/3D/VR content.

In additon to LCD based Non-glasses 3D panel/display,
Newsight Japan offers 3DVR Goggle type equipment for business
and individual market.

A user put own Smartphone/iPhone into Goggle (4.7" - 6"sized).

4 types of content are enble to show by 3DVR Goggle.
1) Regular 2D content (after converting to 32:9/16:9L + 16:9R)
2) 3D content (2-view/Side-by-Side Full)
3) 360 degree VR gaming content
4) 360 degree Video

Give-away Cardbord type version is also available.

If you need more details, please contact by mail.