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Newsight Japan offers "Mirrorcle", new dimensional Digital Signage method

Newsight Japan can offer new dimensional Digital Signage method "Mirrorcle" introduced at SIGGRAPH2014 held in Vancouver, Canada in August.

"Mirrorcle" shows holographic AS-3D images in a mirror, which is totally new advertising method.
There are two stages.
1) Mirror mode
2) Holographic AS-3D image

All of mirrors which are equipped in the market will be potential places for "Mirrorcle"
such as mirrors at stations, power rooms for women at department stores and so on.

Size of AS-3D showing in a mirror is flexible. It is up to customers' request and business model.
All of the system is Build-to-order.

Demo unit is available at the showroom of Zikoo at Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan.

For the details, please take a look at Video of SIGGRAPH2014 here.

Press release is available here.