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NSJ's No-glasses type 3D displays were equipped at Kansai International Airport, Japan

In December 2012, one unit of 70" and 4 units of 42" 3D display without glasses were equipped at Kansai International Airport, Japan. This is the first time that Japanese airports equip 3D signage displays.

It is a good opportunity for people in Japan to know what is "3D-DS(3DDigital Signage) and its business model.

Newsight Japan offers not only 3D displays but also 3D business model.


3D Digital Signage started in Korean Super Market Chain

Newsight Japan's 3D display without glasses are installed at super market chain in Korea.

About 200 units of Newsight Japan's 3D displays were equipped at major stores in Seoul and Busan for appealing daily products to customers. 3D Digital Signage (3D-DS) is expected to promote products as well as increasing sales of the products advertised.

These installation will become a trigger of 3D-DS throughout the world. "Creating 3D World" is one of the missions of Newsight Japan.


Newsight Japan exhibited 24" 3D display without glasses at 3D Symposium held by 3D Consortium/Technical Group on Three-Dimentional Image Technology.

12/ 7/2012

Newsight Japan exhibited 24" and 42" No-glasses type 3D display at "Visual Media EXPO2012" held in Pacifico Yokohama during December 5-7, 2012.


Newsight Japan attended "digiSIGN2012" held in Seoul, Korea during November 22-25, 2012.

Since Newsight Japan plays a big role in Korean 3D Digital Signage, various sorts of inquiries about 3D Signage were discussed during the period.


Newsight Japan exhibited 42" and 24" Non-glass type 3D displays at InterBEE2012 held in Makuhari Messe, Japan.

Utilization of Non-glass 3D displays for broadcasting purpose is one of the ways to expanding 3D business opportunities.

Newsight Japan is now in the stage of mass production of both models.

11/ 5/2012

Newsight Japan had a booth at FPD International 2012 held in Yokohama, Japan during October 31-November 2, 2012.

This time two kinds of lenticular lens based No-glass type 3D displays were shown. Both 42" and 24" were well accepted from the visitors.


Newsight Japan attended 3D EXPO/Korean Electronics Show 2012 in Seoul during October 9-12 to show "SMART 3D" product and technology in Korean

Kiyoto Kanda, CEO & President of Newsight Japan had a speech during the period.
Title: "3D Business Model and 3D Technology".

10/ 6/2012

During October 2-6, 2012, Newsight Japan exhibited 24"(Mass production model) and 42"(Prototype) lenticular lens based 3D displays without glasses at CEATEC 2012.

Newsight Japan addressed expansion of 3D technology and product lines adding lenticular lens models as well as conventional parallax barrier models.


Newsight Japan's 3D products were shown as "Smart 3D"product at "Asia Top Electronics Brand Show" held in Seoul, Korea. Newsight Japan's brand name became more popular in Korean market.


Newsight Japan's 24" glasses-free 3D display was exhibited at 3D Entertainment Summit held in Hollywood, USA
during September 19-20, 2012. Newsight Japan started its sales activities in US market and several projects are under discussion.


During August 29-31, 2012 Newsight Japan's 56"4K2K panel based Glasses-free 3D display was exhibited in "Touch Taiwan" held in Taipei,Taiwan at CMI (Chimei-Innolux) booth.


Newsight Japan attended SIGGRAPH2012 held in Los Angeles, USA during August 7-9, 2012.


42" Glassless-3D display with 2D3D realtime automatic conversion system was shown and had a good reputation. The quality of Lenticular Lens based 24" Glassless-3D display was good enough for all the people came to the booth.


Newsight Japan released new Glass-less 24" 3D display based on lenticular lens.
This model is expected to use at 3D Store Signage.

For the details, please see HERE.

07/ 6/2012

"Gambling Insider" recent edition reported interview with Kiyoto Kanda,CEO & President of Newsight Japan. Kiyoto tells about "3D can add spice to slot machine".

Please see the link here.


Invited by ITRI (IndustrialTechnology Research Institute), Kiyoto Kanda, CEO & President of Newsight Japan made a speech on 3D Business at 3DSA Conference held in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Newsight Japan's 24" 3D display was also exhibited.


Newsight Japan showed 42" 3D display without glasses at 3D & VR Exhibition held in Tokyo during June 20-22, 2012.
Natural quality 3D images without any special glasses impressed people visited.


Newsight Japan exhibited 82" and 24" 3D display without glasses at "Display Taiwan 2012" exhibition held in Taipei, Taiwan
during June 19-21, 2012.
The world largest 82" 3D display impressed people and had a good reputation.

06/ 9/2012

NSJ' world largest 82" 3D display without glasses was exhibited at COMPUTEX 2012 held in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dates: June 5-9, 2012
Place : Nangan Exhibition Hall, Booth# J0428(AMI booth)

American Megatrends Inc., known as AMI, is the largest computer BIOS company and NSJ's operating partner to promote "Digbil" digital signage network project.

"Digbil" enables to realize worldwide digital signage network.


Newsight Japan exhibited Glasses-free 3D panel module for Casino machine and got good feed backs at G2E Asia 2012 held during May 22-24 in Macao.

Large sized Glasses-free 3D Display appealed to Casino Hotel people.

05/ 6/2012

At NAB2012 during April 16-19, Kiyoto Kanda, President & CEO had an interview regarding glasses-free 3D filter and expected 3DTV
without glasses business.
Non-TV manufacture is producing and selling 3DTV without glasses,which is an unique business model surprising electronic industry.

Please check out this NAB Show Pinterest account.

05/ 1/2012

Our CEO, Kiyoto Kanda had an interview at NAB2012 held in Las Vegas in April. He is explaining about 3DTV without glasses business
model and so on.


Newsight Japan exhibited in Display 2012/FineTech Japan during
April11-13, 2012.

For details, please check

 Please see Exhibit List here


The article of Newsight Japan glassless "169 inches"3D LED Video Wall has been published in the Video Newspaper on March 5th, 2012


The article of Newsight Japan glassless "169 inches" 3D LED Video Wall has been published in Nikkei Newspaper (the Japan Economic Journal) on February 23rd, 2012.

Publication article


Newsight Japan announced the glassless "169 inches" 3D LED Video Wall.