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There are several reports that several companies/groups in China, Hong Kong and Japan have been approaching to investors to get money by using Newsight Japan's 3D displays and content.

Newsight Japan has no relationship with those companies/groups.
Please inquire when you have a doubt on any 3D related presentation.


Newsight Japan will show AS-3D products and services at G2E held in Las Vegas during Sep.30 - Oct.2, 2014

One of the most largest gambling conference and exhibition is held at LVCC.

Please come to Booth 3336 to see various sorts of AS-3D solutions.

Newsight Japan has a track record of delivering AS-3D panel/display to Japanese gaming industry.
Based of those expertise, Newsight Japan will get into Casino market in USA.


Newsight Japan offers "Mirrorcle", new dimensional Digital Signage method

Newsight Japan can offer new dimensional Digital Signage method "Mirrorcle" introduced at SIGGRAPH2014 held in Vancouver, Canada in August.

"Mirrorcle" shows holographic AS-3D images in a mirror, which is totally new advertising method.
There are two stages.
1) Mirror mode
2) Holographic AS-3D image

All of mirrors which are equipped in the market will be potential places for "Mirrorcle"
such as mirrors at stations, power rooms for women at department stores and so on.

Size of AS-3D showing in a mirror is flexible. It is up to customers' request and business model.
All of the system is Build-to-order.

Demo unit is available at the showroom of Zikoo at Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan.

For the details, please take a look at Video of SIGGRAPH2014 here.

Press release is available here.


Newsight Japan offers 2D3D content conversion service

Newsight Japan offers 2D3D content conversion for business entities which have original 2D content.

Kiyoto Kanda, President & CEO of Newsight Japan has been researching 2D3D conversion technology since 2002.

This time 2D3D conversion people/business entities are connected throughout the world as project basis to offer good quality 3D conent at reasonable price.

Price range from US$500/min. to high end such as 3D roadshow movie.

We offer business model of "3Dization right" to original 2D content owners in the world.

Please see business scheme chare here.

For details, please inquire.


Newsight Japan released "Mirrorcle" at SIGGRAPH2014

Newsight Japan showed a new AS-3D system for digital signage named "Mirrorcle" at SIGGRAPH2014 held in Vancouver, Canada during August 12-14, 2014.


"Mirrorcle" shows holographic tasted AS-3D images in a mirror. Both mirror stage and holographic signage stage impress audience a lot.

For the details, please take a look at Video here.


Newsight Japan attended Visual Media Expo2013 held in Yokohama during December 4-6, 2013.


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