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Newsight Japan starts selling 3DVR Goggle for 2D/3D/VR content.

In additon to LCD based Non-glasses 3D panel/display,
Newsight Japan offers 3DVR Goggle type equipment for business
and individual market.

A user put own Smartphone/iPhone into Goggle (4.7" - 6"sized).

4 types of content are enble to show by 3DVR Goggle.
1) Regular 2D content (after converting to 32:9/16:9L + 16:9R)
2) 3D content (2-view/Side-by-Side Full)
3) 360 degree VR gaming content
4) 360 degree Video

Give-away Cardbord type version is also available.

If you need more details, please contact by mail.


Kiyoto Kanda's CITE Report was listed at 3D Consortium Japan's site.

(Japanese report only)

If you need more details, please contact by mail.


Newsight Japan attended CITE, an Exhibition in Shenzhen, China.

Newsight Japan attended an Information Technology related exhibition in China. China Information Technology Expo April 9-11, 2015 http://eng.citexpo.org/index_ab.shtm Kiyoto Kanda, President & CEO communicated with other exhibitors in China for further busienss collaboration in China market.


Newsight Japan launches "3D Content Distribution Business".

To establish 3D business, 3D content is indispensable. Only when hardware, application and content get together, 3D business exists. To make things happen in 3D business, Newsight Japan launches "3D Content Distribution Business". Newsight Japan wants to discuss with 3D content holders and original 2D content holders for 2D3D content conversion. For details, please contact us for further discussion and business collaboration.


Kiyoto Kanda's "3D is interesting" Seminar was held at NHK Technical Center.

Material can download from here(Japanese material ONLY).

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