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Newsight Japan attended Visual Media Expo2013 held in Yokohama during December 4-6, 2013.



 Newsight Japan exhibited Natural D and automatic Multi-view conversion system at Inter BEE held in Makuhari Messe during November 13-15, 2013.


Newsight Japan had a booth at CEATEC2013 held during October 1-5, 2013.


24" Glasses-free display + Content automatic conversion system
23.6" Natural D, next generation TV
iPhone5 3D sheet


Newsight Japan attended SIGGRAPH2013 held in Anaheim, USA during July 23-25,2013.

Newsight Japan exhibited 5 items including;

1) iPhone5 3D sheet

2) 24" 8-view Glasses-free 3D display with automatic content conversion

3) 24" 8-view Glasses-free 3D display for 3D Digital Signage

4) 42" 8-view Glasses-free 3D display for 3D Digital Signage

5) 23.6" Natural Dimension (NaturalD) display


Newsight Japan has established a great step for 3D business in US market.

Please click here for Exhibit list.


Real time automatic 3D/8-view content generation system kit was released together with 24" 3D display without glasses.

Newsight Japan released an evaluation kit consists of 24" 3D display without glasses and 2D3D content conversion system.

For the details, please see here.


Web news reported Newsight Japan's booth at 3D & Virtual Reality EXPO.


Display Daily (Insight Media)

EyeFly3D sheet (in Japanese)

24"3DTV without glasses(in Japanese)


Newsight Japan attended 3D & Virtual Reality EXPO held in Tokyo, Japan during June 19-21, 2013.
Tokyo Bigsight
Booth No. 29-40 (East 1 Hall)

We exhibited four(4) items at EXPO.

1. 24" No-Glasses 3D display with 2D to 3D content conversion system
2. 24" Tablet type 3DTV without glasses
3. AQUA 3D with 3D fish
4. EyeFly3D for iPhone/Smart phone/iPad

For details, please see exhibit list HERE.

Newsight Japan releases a new concept of "3D-nomics", which means
"Shared Economic growth by 3D related business solutions".


Newsight Japan was registered as a member of URCF

(Ultra-Realistic Communications Forum).

At an annual general meeting held on May 27, 2013, Newsight Japan exhibited 2D3D real-time content conversion system.



Newsight Japan announced to release “Magic View2”, which fully-automatically converts 2D content into 3D/8-view content. It also accepts 3D/2-view (Side-by-Side/Half) content converting into 3D/8-view content.

For the details, please see the release.
Press Release of "Magic View2".


Nikkei Industrual Daily Newspaper reported about Newsight Japan's "24-inch Tablet 3DTV without glasses".

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